BSO Referral Programme

Part of the BSO business growth plan has always been referral business.  Let’s be honest ask any business owner, referred business is their favourite kind. As our membership fees are so low, having commission schemes in place is a little irrelevant as we could never pay enough to make it exciting to people.  But we want to thank people for their efforts. In consultation with members in November 2019 we launched the BSO referral scheme.

So what’s in it for me?

“Fame, glory and public recognition.  Oh, and the occasional thank you voucher." 

  1. Should you refer 5 people who join, you’ll receive a £50 voucher for an establishment of your choice.  Refer 10 who join, you’ll receive a further £100 voucher and 20 a further £150.
  2. You’ll also get entry into the BSO Hall of Fame – just a little way to give you more exposure, where we will talk about you and your business. 
  3. We’ll also ask “how can we help you”.  Perhaps a little free consultancy.  Perhaps help at one of your events.  Perhaps a discovery session.  Perhaps even more exposure – It really is up to you, if you’re trying extra hard to help us, of cause we’ll try extra hard to help you.
How do I refer?

We have to track everything at our end and trust me its a nightmare.  Simply complete the form to log their details and leave the rest to us.

Referral tips.

If you think someone should speak to us that’s great, we really appreciate it.  But generating referral business is a dark art.  We have written a blog giving tips on generating referral business (click HERE to go to the blog), but a few simple tips are below, that are helpful when referring to us, to others, and when looking for referrals yourselves.

  • There must be a reason why they need to talk to us. How can we help them. Is there a service we provide that they need? Are they trying to gain access to more business owners? Are they stuck and need a little guidance?
  • Ask for permission for us to contact them. This is about “control”, and a great tip when looking for referral business yourself.  The rule of thumb, is if you give them a number to call us, it rarely happens that way, but if we can contact them, it’ll always happen.

This is not for us to pitch, just a professional way of breaking the ice – so tell us what you’ve said will happen.

Could be asking for us to send an invitation to one of our events.

Could be can you call to help “Fred” with “……”

Could be can you email “Doris” as she’s looking for help with “……”

  • Follow up.  Give it a few days then ask whoever you referred, how did you get on with……

They’ll probably thank you for the introduction, let you know what’s happening, and it’ll help install confidence in the process.

Reasons To Choose The Business Support Organisation

Personalised Service

Every member gets a personalised service with a dedicated account manager. By taking that extra time to find out more about you and your business means we can maximise your membership experience.


Every member gets a choice – whatever you need, it has to be the right solution for you. You’ll never get a one-stop shop service with The BSO.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We’ll engage with you as a member. We want your feedback and your ideas, hence the style of our events which are relaxed and informative.

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