Member led events

An often crucial business activity for todays business owner is “networking”. Some love it, some hate it, but one thing any event organiser will agree with, is that it’s tough running an event. We are aware that many of our members (and friends of the BSO) also run their own events. When we asked them “how can we help” – they said can you help publicise our events.

Well, why not. After all, if you want to network, it’ll never be just with us at our events. You’ll want to visit others, open new networks, build more connections. So we’ve proudly set aside a section of our site to promote events that are being run by our members, or by friends of the BSO. It’s our honour support the efforts of individuals who are putting themselves out to run great events. Trust me, they won’t be doing it for the money.

For the ones we’ve attended, we’ll write reviews, and should you want us to review an event, send us a request in the “Work with us” section.

Have fun, and let us know how you get on.

The Chain Gain

Run by Neil Bowler and Stuart Moseley, “The Chain Gang” runs a monthly ride combining business networking with cycling. A great idea combining their love of cycling with their dislike of golf (I don’t know if I should be typing this Neil lol). Best of all, it’s usually completely free to attend. For more information go to


Established around 2014, Brummies can quite honestly be categorised as one of the premier events in Birmingham. Completely free to attend on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, Brummies attracts regularly 60-80 visitors from every walk of life.
For more details go to

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