Introduction to events

We believe that business events are extremely important in todays business landscape.  They’re the place where you can meet likeminded individuals, a place for education and a place where you can nature relationships and potentially win more business.

But at the BSO we also believe they should be much more than that.

Running a business is tough.  Being the boss means that you occupy the lonely seat, and as a good friend of ours, Keith Trubshaw, says “It’s cold out here”.  The BSO has become a community of business owners, where not only do our events provide an environment to thrive, but also a place of safety.  Most are in the same boat after all.

At the cornerstone of any BSO event are our three rules, which are proudly non negotiable:

  1. You need to be prepared to have fun – you don’t get “stuffy” at a BSO event (we’ve even been known to heckle our own speakers, in a fun way).
  2. Political correctness in NOT allowed – we don’t like the socially sterile, vanilla environment that the world has become, so be yourself.
  3. No pitches – Our speakers are not allowed to conduct sales pitches from stage. One tried once, we made them cry, and didn’t feel bad about it at all lol.

We are always open to ideas, topics, and formats for future events.  At present we run four styles of BSO event, all are relaxed, informal and well attended.

Your standard open networking and presentation event

Laid back, relaxed and informative events that are educational and a great place to meet business owners.

Question Time for Businesses

Urm….let’s just say wear clean underwear for this one, and probably the most anticipated of all BSO events.

BSO Business Breakfasts.

Allowing a maximum of 15 people, these intimate breakfasts have a single focus – How can we help you?

BSO Social Events

Bring your spouse, bring the kids, bring the team. Just a fun way of bringing people together – what you do should be fun after all.

Events at the BSO are not about us.  The question “how can we help you?” runs through the very fabric of our organisation.  Attending events is a great way of raising your profile, so is speaking at one.  Our speakers (apart from the rare exception) come exclusively from the membership.  The bonus is that we can cover almost every topic.

Question: Can I attend as a non member?

Sure, why not. Let us know which event(s) you’d like to attend and we’ll send you a complimentary ticket or for a breakfast we’ll charge the members rate.

Running your own events is an even better way of raising your profile. We proudly, actively and freely promote events run by our members. We know first hand how tough it is to run an event. We all have that dread, what if nobody shows up! If we can help, we will.

Reasons To Choose The Business Support Organisation

Personalised Service

Every member gets a personalised service with a dedicated account manager. By taking that extra time to find out more about you and your business means we can maximise your membership experience.


Every member gets a choice – whatever you need, it has to be the right solution for you. You’ll never get a one-stop shop service with The BSO.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We’ll engage with you as a member. We want your feedback and your ideas, hence the style of our events which are relaxed and informative.

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