Looking for an event that really creates engagement online? Then boy, do we have the event for you!!!

Time for something new from us – Just because the country is in a semi lockdown state it doesn’t mean we can’t network

**Note this is a FREE event for BSO members and their invited guests – add your promo code at the checkout**

Since the start of the COVID 19 crisis virtual events have been the lifeblood of networking for businesses. But, one challenge has remained – how do you get interaction on mass?

We have cracked it with our breakfasts, but they are limited to 10 people. But can we make them bigger, bolder and better?

A BIG evening breakfast? – yes we’re running it of an evening, and at a slightly earlier time of 5.30pm. Based on the format of our breakfasts this event is open to a maximum of 20 delegates, and the one thing we’ll guarentee is that we’ll be getting engagement.

Ask yourself one question – If you run a business, how can we help you?

Because our meetings have no hidden agenda, and no sales pitch our event formats simply work. Diverse businesses, an open attitude and simply the desire to support business owners means that even though we are restricted to a virtual format, our events remain a hit.

Reminder – this is a FREE event for BSO members and guests. Simply use the PROMO CODE that is found on our “Monday Morning” emails

(note the Zoom link will be emailed to you the day of the event)

Any questions please feel frree to contact us via info@thebso.co.uk

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