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To explain the BSO membership it is almost impossible to simply list a series of benefits.  It’s not because we don’t have benefits, we have lots, but it’s because everything we do has multiple uses and everything we do interlinks.

In creating this page, we tried listing the uses, but gave up when we reached the 200+ mark.

However memberships are priced in accordance with the size of your business and start from £150.00 plus VAT for the year.  Every business has choice of the Premium or Standard membership packages

The only difference is that our Premium package includes our legal protection scheme which we charge at an additional £50.00 plus VAT – after all if you don’t want or need that service, why pay for it.

Apart from that, there is no difference in membership – every member gets access to everything.

We encourage everyone who is considering membership to talk to us, let us buy you a coffee, let us make sure that membership is right for you.  If we can’t add value, there is no point in joining and instead of taking your money, we’d rather point you in a direction that can help.

Reasons To Choose The Business Support Organisation

Personalised Service

Every member gets a personalised service with a dedicated account manager. By taking that extra time to find out more about you and your business means we can maximise your membership experience.


Every member gets a choice – whatever you need, it has to be the right solution for you. You’ll never get a one-stop shop service with The BSO.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We’ll engage with you as a member. We want your feedback and your ideas, hence the style of our events which are relaxed and informative.

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