Why day one starts with your brand

The moment you decide to start up a business, you need to think brand. It’s the key to every successful company – no matter how big or small. It makes you stand out from your competitors; it adds value to your offer and it connects you with your customers. It’s a cornerstone of your business. […]

5 common offences that businesses made in 2021 from their online checkout

No online business wants to experience prospective customers abandoning their shopping carts. But the shocking 2021 statistic of more than 81% of e-commerce visitors doing just that (source: salecycle.com), even on the most well-established of online retailers’ sites, is a sobering thought. Hemorrhaging revenue in this way could hit your business’s health hard. An e-commerce […]

How to build a Resilient Business

How to build a resilient business- Tips from Jane Barker Firstly, what is a resilient business? Well, it’s the ability of an organisation to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental changes and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper. In other words, be ready for everything that your trade will throw at […]

Enjoy an effortless hot drink experience with a pod and capsule machine from Coinadrink.

Pod and capsule coffee machines are becoming more and more popular. In 2016, nearly a third of Brits were said to own one, a figure that will have probably grown further since.  Coinadrink Limited, the vending machine company, is a trusted supplier of pod and capsule coffee machines. Many workplaces rely on this equipment for […]

Autism in the Workplace

In this blog I will be talking about autistic people that sit on the high functioning part of the autistic spectrum. I am not medically trained; by education and career I am a nuclear marine engineer. My knowledge and understanding are based upon 50 years of personal experience and a great deal of more of […]

Why Do I Need to Use Management Figures in Business?

Why Do I Need to Use Management Figures in Business? Detailed Management figures about your business are essential for you to manage and grow your business. Firstly, let’s establish what are and what aren’t Management Figures: Break-Even Point – YES Payroll Analysis of all Employees – YES Cashflow Analysis – YES Business Budget Analysis – […]

Better Health for more Wealth.

It goes without saying that whatever business you’re in you want to make more money, you work hard and look at all the factors that help your business move forward and thrive. Meetings, payroll, administration, cashflow, budgets the list goes on, however have you ever considered your health? If you are ill and not able […]

What exactly does the modern workplace look like?

As the pandemic continues to evolve towards a more positive outlook, your workplace remains firmly in the spotlight. With an average of over 90,000 hours of our life being spent in the workplace, this is one of the environments that has had to adapt the most. Coinadrink Limited, the vending machine company, dissects a report […]

Everyone’s an accountant… or are they?

So, we really would be millionaires if we had £1 for every time a client said to us “but my friend said I can claim for…” Please, please, please… if you’re in business and what to know what you can claim for and what you can’t, just ask the question- it really is that simple. […]

How to choose a business bank account

Business banks fall into two categories: High Street Challengers As you would expect, the High Street category has the names you’d know: HSBC, Lloyds, Natwest, Barclays etc. Whilst they are names you will know and probably trust, they have two main drawbacks: No business managers at branches. Which means no one to ask questions if […]

Transform your kitchen or canteen into a safer environment with high-quality vending solutions.

We’ve reached the point in the Coronavirus pandemic where businesses are aiming to bring their staff back to the workplace. But whilst many will be looking forward to it, it isn’t always without fear and concern. Your team may simply be afraid to return to their everyday working environment. The prospect of coming into contact […]

Why your employees may not want to return to the workplace.

The time has come for many businesses to start welcoming their teams back to the workplace. But despite many of us eager to get back to normality again, have you considered that your workforce may have concerns about their normal working environment? Coinadrink Limited the vending machine company explores the importance of a safe and comfortable […]

How the modern workplace is changing…and how the Micro Market can help yours adapt.

Covid-19 will leave a lasting impression on all aspects of our lives. And as we spend such a huge amount of time in the workplace, it is vital that you create a safe environment that your employees feel comfortable in. How can they stay motivated and productive if they aren’t? The Micro Market is arguably […]

Should you register for VAT before you need to?

This is always a big question for many small businesses, or even start up’s who are debating becoming VAT registered from the start. The overarching answer is that it depends on who your customer is. Businesses usually are either B2C (Business to Consumer) or B2B (Business to Business) and depending on which one you are, […]

Improve workplace wellbeing and productivity with a high quality vending machine service.

There are a lot of vending machine companies out there, but Coinadrink Limited has always set ourselves apart with the promise of doing things differently. We have never once stated that we will offer the lowest price. Instead, we see great value in providing a high-quality vending machine service that will work for your business. We believe […]

Moving from the Distress to the Crisis Stage of this Pandemic

If your business is struggling as a result of the pandemic and you don’t know what to do, read my blog, by clicking here.  We are approaching the ‘business end’ of Covid, now’s time the right time to read it…

How to maximise your income from Instagram Shops

Tuesday 2 March – 11.00 – 12.30 pm £29 for non BSO members £15 for BSO members We will cover – Why you should use Instagram Shopping – How it works – How to set up your shop – How to strategically use shopping tags – Using Facebook ads with your shop – Q&A

What’s the Best Way to Start Your Presentation?

Some thoughts from Nigel Smith Remember, it’s not just your words that you need to choose carefully. There’s that classic saying that goes, ‘You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’.  Some say that the first few seconds, are all that stand in the way of your presentation either ‘soaring with the […]

Did you know this about Instagram shops?

Did you know this about Instagram shops? 1.   You can use shopping tags videos, images, carousels, stories, story highlights, IGTV and (in regions with in-app checkout) Live broadcasts. 2.   Reels is currently the only place that doesn’t offer shopping tags…. but that’s coming soon 3.   You should be tagging products every time they feature in your content. 4.   They […]

3 Positive Ways To Reduce Stress, Anxiety Or Depression Whilst In Lockdown

I would love to share with you  3 positive ways to reduce stress, anxiety or depression whilst in lockdown. Looking after your mental health has never been more imperative than during the current Covid pandemic. Issues such as stress, anxiety or depression can very often take over your life, impacting on your career, family and […]

Getting to know your target audience – Who are you talking to?

Reaching the right audience is the ultimate key to generating sales, but how do you decide who you should target and how can you engage them effectively? Building a detailed picture of your ideal customer groups, including their role, goals and pain points, is essential for successful communications and long-term business growth. To build this […]

Acupuncture treats pain better than painkillers

Acupuncture treats pain better than painkillers “Now the drugs don’t work, they just make you worse”, and now NICE agree with the Verve! NICE (National institute for health and care excellence), has released its draft guidelines on the assessment & management of chronic pain in over 16’s. The guidelines state that people with a type […]

The Primary Password Predicament

When it comes to IT security, I bet most of you instantly think “Oh no, not another password to remember”. And yes, you would be correct. I guess that is why the majority of people use the same favourite password over and over again, or at best a slight permutation along the same lines. Maybe […]

Increased productivity by moving more?

As business owners we all want the greatest level of productivity from ourselves and our staff, and we all have various strategies for achieving this but has any one thought that moving more could be one of the answers? The modern world sees many jobs becoming more and more sedentary sitting in front a screen […]

How to Do Email Marketing The Right Way

When it comes to earning high ROIs, email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels. But, a successful and effective email marketing campaign takes a lot more than just a few tricks. Above all, it requires foolproof, impact-driven strategies that are distinctive and unique. Only then can you achieve a stellar open and […]

Networking – it’s a dark art.

Networking is seen by many as an essential business activity in todays business environment.  An absolute must amongst small and micro business owners.  Seen as allow cost way to develop leads and relationships that hopefully brings business. And it’s everywhere, you could network morning, noon and night, every day and still not scratch the surface.  […]

So…..Do You Know Your Sales Numbers?

Here’s a question for you……What is the No 1 challenge that small/micro business owners face today? Ignore what you hear on the news.  It’s not legislation, legal issues, access to finance, market conditions or even brexit.  These all factors that can affect business, but it’s not the biggest problem faced by business owners with a […]

Four easy steps to Business Improvement

So, I am going to take a bit of a guess here and assume that you have a business plan. You wrote it because you were told to and now it sits in a draw or archived somewhere on your hard drive in the same state as it was when you wrote it 5/10 years […]

Cashflow & Budgeting – Do You Track Your Business Finances?

We all know from a business prospective, keeping things simple saves us time and is usually very effective for our businesses. A very easy to follow business cycle that we use, which can be applied to almost anything we do in our businesses is Assess, Plan, Do and Review … This cycle can be used […]

5 Ways To Get Your Business To Run Without You

Some owners focus on growing their profits, while others are obsessed with sales goals. Have you ever considered making it your primary goal to set up your business so that it can thrive and grow without you? A business not dependent on its owner is the ultimate asset to own. It allows you complete control […]

Mobile Apps aren’t just for the big boys!

How long do you spend looking at your mobile phone? Is it above or below the UK average of 3 hours per day!  When I look at my phone, I am reminded that I have a £2 Shell voucher to use for my next petrol purchase. I am also pleased to see that I have […]

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