The BSO Story

The initial idea for The BSO came whilst our founder Brett Sheldon was working for the Federation of Small Businesses. He noticed a shift in how small business owners worked and the support they required. Small businesses are fluid, they adapt quickly and whilst the majority encounter similar problems the solution is rarely the same. In fact, the more he looked at the problems businesses face, it became more apparent that the traditional “business organisation” model is no longer suitable for today’s business owner.

Don’t get him wrong – he’s not saying that the plethora of “Chambers”, “Federations” and “Organisations” are bad, many are great organisations, just a different approach is required.

Following years of trying to work with organisations to find a solution, a new company was born. The Business Support Organisation (The BSO). Which launched March 2018. Created on a simple concept of engaging directly with business owners, asking the question “how can we help you?”, and working in a personalised way, The BSO becomes much more than just another business organisation. It’s a family of businesses and as such is setting new standards in their field.

Our Ethos

We believe in doing things differently.  At the very core of the BSO is the question “How can we help you?”, with that very question shaping every service and every product we provide.

We believe that a business organisation’s sole purpose should be to help others to achieve their goals and regardless of size, status or even what companies pay, everyone should get a personalised approach. Bureaucracy and red tape strangle businesses, so we’ve replaced it with common sense.  It’s a simple fact that if we can add value to a business, they’ll probably join.  Back it up, be open and engage effectively they’ll probably renew.  Do the right thing, build trust and earn the right for recommendation, they’ll talk about you to their friends.

Our success is no secret,
it really isn’t rocket science.

We knew that if we built an environment for businesses to succeed we’d have a business.  The fun part however is what actually happened.  We asked “how can we help you?” and people told us – we simply built it.  Our members effectively created their own organisation, in the style they wanted.  And that’s where the magic happened.

Because we looked at the problems though business owners eyes, and because we had nothing to sell once people were members (everywhere we can, when a member needs a service, we recommend a suitable member – there are no preferred suppliers with the BSO), we noticed that every solution and product we created had multiple uses.

We created the environment for businesses to succeed that we always imagined – it just happened faster than we thought.

Because we engaged, we showed members how to make best use of us.  Because members used our services we got live feedback, we developed faster.  Because we developed faster, we moved away from being a simple benefit provider, every membership became unique and we moved away from the simple membership and benefits model.

We can’t explain The BSO in the traditional way of “pay this much and you get this benefit”, it doesn’t work that way.  Didn’t we say we are different?

Reasons To Choose The Business Support Organisation

Personalised Service

Every member gets a personalised service with a dedicated account manager. By taking that extra time to find out more about you and your business means we can maximise your membership experience.


Every member gets a choice – whatever you need, it has to be the right solution for you. You’ll never get a one-stop shop service with The BSO.

Unparalleled Customer Service

We’ll engage with you as a member. We want your feedback and your ideas, hence the style of our events which are relaxed and informative.

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